Our swimming-pools

Our pools are automatically heated from 1st of April to end of October. In low season, from 1st of November until end of March they are not heated because a convenient bathing temperature cannot be reached.

A minimum outside temperature of +15°C degrees during day and min. + 10°C degrees during night is required for the pool heating, while the water temperature will be max. +/- 10°C degrees above the ambient temperature. Relating to the weather, a constant water temperature of 26-28°C degrees can be reached (in high season).

Novelty since 2015: for the infinity pool of "Villa Exclusive" a water temperature of 25°C degrees can be guaranteed during the Summer months (with a max. wind speed of 80km/h).

By 1st of April to end of October, the heating of the swimming pool is free and already included in the rental price.

Most of our pools are equipped with hydromassage beds or bubbling jets (jacuzzi style) and with underwater color LED lighting.

They are all professionally serviced and regularly cleaned.